In this, our Partners Section, we endeavour to section it off into two parts. The first part lists those with whom we might suggest to you for further investigation towards developing a more holistic estate plan for yourself and your family. For example you might see listed Personal Financial Planners or Insurance Needs or Tax Advice etc. These have a particular need within the context of one's Estate Planning.

This company Professional Wills Ltd specializes in Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (or Advanced Directives). We are not specialist in tax advice or insurance requirements or personal investment advice. Indeed one needs to be specifically qualified and certified by HKG in the respective fields to so give this type of advice.

So from our perspective, in which we are concerned about your whole Estate Planning, we work with our partners who might better be able to help you in these other areas. We feel confident in recommending them to you. There is no commission referral fee and hence we are impartial in the names listed here except to say we have had personal experience with the firms mentioned and are impressed with their work enough to have them listed as trusted partners and encourage you to use them if there is the need within your own planning.

The second part of our Partners Section is there for interest sake only and to share with you some other work type of work provided by our clients for our Wills. I imagine that it will grow into quite an interesting and diverse partners section and I hope you enjoy surfing this section as much as we have the privilege and honour to host a link to them here.