Ideally, when giving us instructions as to how to distribute your estate, we ask that you come to our offices for the meeting. These meetings can range from 45m to sometimes two hours all depending upon the person-s and the ease or difficulty of the estate and distribution. Face to face discussions are always the most clear! You might think that this sounds a long time, but almost without exception, clients appreciate the discussion and what they might learn, as well as giving us their instructions for their Wills.

We are only 10m in a taxi from Central, (please refer to the map in our web site) but if you just simply do not have the time to get here then there are alternatives.

Meetings in Pacific Coffee or a hotel lobby are not the solution.

We can arrange to come to your office if you can arrange a meeting room. Alternatively, we can meet in your home around your dining table (as we need to write).

willsafewillsafe01.jpgAlternatively, we can arrange to meet via Skype video for the initial meeting, but of course we will still have to meet for the attestation (the signing).

For those clients outside of Hong Kong we regularly visit our regional offices and so we can arrange to meet you there or make a start via Skype.

For any further clarity, do please give us a call.