There are legal requirements that must be met in order for the document to be valid, such as the attestation process (signing and witnessing). The Law is quite simple in what it demands but, even so, it is very common for home-made Wills to fail on this point. Our company takes on the responsibility of completing the job and offers a maintenance programme that helps you keep your Will up-to-date.

Writing a Will is a strange mixture of Legal, Financial and Family matters. Any one of these items on its own involves a great deal of thought and care; in combination it is sometimes an explosive mixture - many people are discouraged from making a start because it just seems too hard.

succession01.jpgOur aim is to remove some of the pressure and to allow for clear thinking about considered plans for the distribution of your assets and the arrangements for your children.

In the course of writing a Will it might become obvious that there is a need for other experts to be involved. They might be financial advisers, Trust companies, or similar. Professional Wills Ltd. will only give advice about those matters directly to do with Wills, but we have a strong network of professional colleagues who help in the areas that we cannot cover.

Our fees are fixed and fair; we do not charge on an hourly basis. Each Will costs the same for everybody. We are flexible for those who need flexibility in their financial lives.