Who we are

Professional Wills Ltd (PWL) was established in 2006.  It was established to take care of clients from another Will Writing company SAR Int. Ltd. which had been operating since the mid 1990’s,  as its owner was about to leave HK.  Clients needed serving and Wills maintained and stored securely in safe custody.  Since 2006, PWL has served those clients under its own umbrella providing on-going and professional services. 

We believe that our services in Wills and Estate Planning are second to none in HK and the region and while we acknowledge that is ‘quite a claim’, we stand by it especially after seeing so many ‘other Wills.’  The whole team here at PWL feel very pleased at the continuing and improving service provided to our clients and feel honestly that this is the best place for anyone to look to for their Wills and Estate Planning.


Why Make a Will?

Many people think that a Will isn't important but they couldn't be more wrong!.

Letters that have been signed but not witnessed count for nothing, verbal instructions are only valid if they are given by a soldier on the battlefield!


Your Free Will?

There is a government Will already written for you and it is absolutely free of charge! To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity you just need to continue to do nothing about getting your Will written. Then, when the time comes everything will be sorted out for you. 


Living Wills

Most people are frightened not so much by the fact of death as by the process of dying. A natural, peaceful death is much to be preferred over a meaningless and prolonged artificial existence.
 A life prolonged as a result of increasingly sophisticated technology can drain your family emotionally - they are compelled to endure your condition.  


Wills and Succession

Many people are unsure about Wills. The mental images of dramatic scenes in back and white movies of the family assembled,usually in the drawing room of a large house, prevail; they are there for the Will to be read after the funeral.  


Chinese and Wills

The Chinese are famous for their strong family values and their high regard for peace and harmony within a family. It is therefore surprising that many Chinese families do not consider estate planning. The confusion over the distribution of assets has caused family feuds and break-up in many situations.  


Wills and the Small Business

Many business owners are too focused on 'today' to give serious thought to the future, and in particular to a future in which they will not play a part. As a result many businesses do not survive beyond the first generation of owners.  


Wills and the Single Person

Many single people feel it unnecessary to write a Will, believing that Wills are just for people who are rich, old, own property, are married or have children. However, even if none of those applies, you still need a plan! 


Wills and Overseas Property

With the Equity Markets still difficult, many people are turning to property as a long-term investment. Here in Hong Kong our horizons are probably broader than those of our friends and relatives back home, wherever that may be, and so it is quite usual to find that your friends and neighbours are buying either  


Safe Storage for your Wills

'Willsafe' takes care of your Wills in a very safe and secure environment.

Willsafe is our unique maintenance and storage system, which is more than just putting your Wills under a very sophisticated lock and key. We will check with you each year whether there have been significant changes since your Will was signed.