'Willsafe' takes care of your Wills in a very safe and secure environment.

Willsafe is our unique maintenance and storage system, which is more than just putting your Wills under a very sophisticated lock and key. We will check with you each year whether there have been significant changes since your Will was signed. You will receive a letter with a check list of possible changes that mean you need to look at the Will again, and re-write it if the changes are major ones, thus keeping your Will up-to-date.

Why should you worry about this?

Your Will is a unique document, it cannot be replaced if it is damaged or defaced, or if it is marked with the intention of changing the content - all of which would render the document invalid - or if it goes missing. For all these reasons it is essential that the original Will, signed and witnessed, is put safely out of harms way.

A Will must be presented to the Probate Office in very good condition. Marks would be interpreted as an attempt to change or revoke the Will. Losing it would mean you have wasted your time and money. Aggrieved beneficiaries might want to destroy it or you might be tempted to alter it if you remember something you want to add or take out.

When a Will is needed, it should be easily accessible. Your executors will be finding things hard enough without having to turn your office over to find the documents they want.

If you lock the Will away in a safety deposit box in the bank, access will be denied to the executor until a Grant of Probate is provided, which of course is impossible if the Will is in the box!

Wiwillsafewillsafe01.jpgllsafe has proved it's value many times over for our existing clients, and it is our great pleasure to be able to keep in touch with most of the people with whom we have done business over the years.

As guardians of these documents, we will see to it that your Executors are informed as to the whereabouts of your Will, that it is handed over on production of identification by your Executor, and that it is only given to the named Executors.

If you leave Hong Kong for good we will send the Will on to you once you are settled. No point you having the Will in your luggage with you and your family all on the same plane!

Wills in Hong Kong are stored in a Chubb fire proof safe in our offices at 5th Floor, 657 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong 2561-9031.