Why Us?

To the uninitiated getting your Will done could be assigned to anyone advertising the service or to any law firm, for we take it for granted that the provider is going to do a good job of it.

It is not as simple as that!

To put your Will in place, you are at liberty to do it yourself, or your Grandmother can do it for you.  All you need is to ensure that all the myriad of issues are tackled properly and legally correct.  It was one part of ‘the law’ that is not required to be put together by a solicitor.  Because of that, many do prepare their own Will and of course, it allows many to think that they can set up shop and offer the service.

Many lawyers are simply not trained in the intricacies of Wills and many a lawyer will admit that.  Many will also admit that they do write Wills in the possibility of their being asked to do the probate work after the person has died, which is more lucrative.  Others will provide Will Writing services as a draw to on sell other legal services.  You can often tell this when the legal fees for the preparation of the Wills is very low or even free of charge.  It has been seen that some lawyers offer to write Wills for a nominal amount and then pass it on to a charity – which is all very nice, but again it could be argued that it is a marketing ploy to hook the client for other legal fees.

If that is the case, we can see that the main function of solicitors work is generally not that of Will Writing but other more lucrative legal work.  IF so, how skilled are they are the Will Writing and as mentioned above the myriad of legal issues that are involved.

It is similar with Independent Financial Advising firms (IFA’s).  Their business is that of giving independent financial advice, which often involves the sale of savings and insurance policies, as well as putting your money into investments etc.  Some stray into Will Writing again as a hook to on sell their other services but their main skill set is in their other core areas and like lawyers, they do their core work very well.

So Why Us?

Well, you have a choice.  You should pick your provider very carefully.  All we do in this firm is the writing of Wills – that is all we do.  We think we do a pretty good job of it and are told many a time we do just that – by lawyers and IFA firms that see our specialty and prefer their clients to get the best possible advice. 

We have a small team here of only 9 people.  We have 3 Will Writers – all specifically qualified in Will Writing and the ever so importantly and connected estate planning.  

We are expanding.  Our 3 Will Writers (see “Who we are” section in our web site) write Wills all day every day and their pencil is sharp.  They do not do other legal work nor do they advise where to invest or manage your finances – you should go to skilled legal or IFA firms for such services.  They are though fully loaded with their Will Writing work and we have a requirement for a fourth Will Writer – so if you know anyone with a legal or trust background looking for work, do make the introduction.

This, we think, partly answers ‘Why US’ – your comments to this posting would of course be most appreciated.