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Will Storage

Making Sure Your Wills are Kept Safe and Current

Safe Key

Safe and Secure Wills

Once your Will has been written and signed, hopefully it is not needed for a long-time. In the meantime, you need to ensure that your Will remains safe, intact and unmarked in order for it to be located by your executors and deemed valid by the probate court.


If the Will cannot be located i.e. it is lost, then you would be deemed to have died without a Will and the Rules of Intestacy apply. If the Will can be located, however there are reasons to suggest that the Will has been damaged, then this can lead to concerns and delays by the court.


This is not something that you need to worry about when you store your Will with us. 

Storing Wills with Professional Wills 

Most of our clients choose to store their Will with us as it provides them peace of mind that their Will is safely tucked away in a fireproof safe and stored by an independent third party. 

We can release your Wills to you at any time, or if the worst happens, then we would only release your Will to the executors appointed in your Will. 

Storing your Wills with us also entitles you to a number of benefits such as free review meetings and discounts on rewrites of Wills. Importantly it also includes an annual communication to remind you that an update of your Wills may be in order if there are any major changes in your circumstances. 

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